Home Meet Rescheduled to Wednesday 6/21.

Below is a summary of events at the fun home meet. The date for this meet is Wednesday, June 21st. Volunteers are asked to arrive by 5:45 for assignment. Please see coach Bill. The greatest need are timers; long jump pits; and shot put.

Delmar Track and Field, June 19th Home Fun Meet Details
Arrive at 5:45 PM; Warm-up/Marks by 6:05 PM; Events start at 6:15 PM
Track Events:
(Youngest to Oldest by USATF Birth Year Age Groups and Gender – Girls First)
100 Meter Dash
800 Meter Run (Heats by 8 and under – G/B; 9-10 – G/B; and 11 and older G/B)
200 Meter Dash

Break in track events to encourage field event participation – 10 minutes

400 Meter Run
1500 Meter Run
4×100 Relay – Any age and gender for fun (mix and match teams)

Field Events (Note Age Restrictions for High Jump and Pole Vault)
Long Jump – All ages, 2 jumps per athlete, open pit (2 pits – 1 boy; 1 girl)
High Jump – continuous bar for birth year 2007-2008 and older (starts at 3 feet) at 6:15 PM; 4 foot jumpers start at 7:00 PM
Shot Put – All ages and open pit (size of shot is thrown by USATF age)
Turbo Javelin – All ages at discus cage circle (There will be no real Javelin)
Pole Vault Practice and Demonstration Event: Birth year 2004 and older only
Meet Logistics Notes:
No event sign-ups; athletes participate in desired events
Teams are asked to arrive by 5:45 PM
Long Jump/high jump marks from 5:45 PM to 6:05 PM
Track/Field events start at 6:15 PM
High Jump: 3 feet start at 6:15 with continuous bar; 4 feet starts at 7:00 PM
Turbo Javelin is from 6:15 to 7:20 (all ages!) at the discus circle
Pole Vault is a demonstration/practice event for USATF 2004 and older
Times are announced to each athlete for track events; there are no recorded results
Marks will be measured for turbo javelin and shot put with sufficient volunteers for safety
Marks will be measured for long jump pits (3 volunteers needed per pit; caller; tape holder; raker)
Volunteers from guest clubs are welcome

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