Join the Marathon Club or Half Marathon Club

     I am so happy that you have joined the cross-country team for the Delmar Track and Field Club.  The club practices two days a week, but in order to get the full benefit of running I would like you to run a third day of the week.  I am challenging you to run either Monday or Tuesday 1.5 to 3.2 miles for the next 8 weeks! Before Nov 10th ( the day of our cross country party)  you can turn in your mileage log that will be provided to you.  If you have run 13.1 miles then you have made the half marathon club!  Those of you who run 26.2 miles will make the marathon club! Each participant who achieves one of these goals will receive a certificate of achievement.  Remember running is more fun in groups, so go with a friend or family member and get them to join the club with you. Mileage done during our regular practice times does not count toward either club.  

Happy Running,

Coach Hodge

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